Hello and welcome my name is Zach Chapman. My passion is photography. My goal for this website is to provide good quality pictures that you can purchase and enjoy for a lifetime. The types of photography I do are landscape, wildlife, family, seniors and engagements. Send me an email for my session rates on family photos, engagement and senior pictures. I hope you enjoy my photos.


Photography Inspiration 


My photography journey starts in 2007 when I received my first camera, a basic Fujifilm 12-megapixel digital camera. Not having any photography classes through high school or after I just started to go out and take photos of anything that caught my eye. That all changed in 2013 when I purchased a Canon T5i camera and was asked to take personal family photos for an acquaintance. After that photo session I thought I could actually do something with my photography. My inspiration soared when I started teaching preschool.


The main source of inspiration in my photography comes from God's beautiful creation and watching my preschool children enjoy the simple things in everyday life. Each day while teaching I get to watch my students enjoy every little thing they discover in and outside of the classroom. If you sit back and view the world through the lens of a child you notice the world is pretty amazing. The best part of my photography is it’s the adventure of everyday life that catches my eye and lens.  The goal of my photography is to teach and inspire others, young and old to go out and find the beauty this world has to offer. In capturing these moments, I leave a story and legacy behind that will touch and inspire others to enjoy the beauty and journey all around us.