Marcia L Green(non-registered)
What wonderful photos! Keep it up and enjoy hiking to find more unique shots. Thanks for walking with me today!
Roger Marty(non-registered)
I recently moved to Sterling and was curious to see if you would like to do some landscape and wildlife photography together.

Prior to moving to Sterling I lived in Fairbanks,Alaska for 40 years.
I grew up in Sidney, NE and coming here was like coming home.
Always like to shoot with fellow photographers.

Look forward to meeting you and talking photography. Feel free to call any time.

Roger Marty
on FB Roger Marty & Roger Marty Photography.
Robin vincent(non-registered)
Very nice photos Zach. I think you followed the right passion. Keep it up.
Virginia K Pretz(non-registered)
Hi Zach..I am Erin Chapman's Mom and I have just looked through all of your photographs. WOW! You have amazing talent! Just wanted to wish you a multitude of success with your photography business. Your talent is a true gift. Your photographs show a kind heart, your love for our world, nature, animals and people.
I look forward to meeting you in the future.
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